Project Management.

IPMC shall prepare the draft of the design contract for the awarded designer, and manages that contract according to the time, cost, scope, and quality factors to fulfill the design stage output as per the requirements and expectations of the client.

Project management as a concept depends on a revolved cycle of tasks (Planning – Organizing – Controlling). The first principle of success is planning. This task includes the preparation of the following plans during the preconstruction stage: (Design Package, Time, Quality, Safety, Method Statement for Execution, Procurement, Project Organization, Financial Cash Flow, Communication, … etc)

  • Establishment of an effective strategy for procurement and the splitting of the work packages.
  • Monitor and manage the preparation of the tender documents to comply with the objectives of the project.
  • Use the database of IPMC for the qualified contractors and suppliers who will be invited to submit their bids, then the bid process could be completed till the awarding of the best bid.

Construction Management.

  • Well preparation for the master time program.
  • Monitoring, follow up and controlling the activities of the parties inside and outside the project to adhere them to the project management, and rectify any deviation on spot.
  • Recovery plan and corrective actions should take place immediately to return the project again to the track.
  • Cost estimation based on trusted and updated prices.
  • Monitor and control the cost of each task during the project avoiding any extra cost.

Identify the relevant quality standards of the project and how to meet them in cooperation with the design consultant and the technical supervision team.

Develop and manage procedures for electronic & manual filing system for the incoming and outgoing documentation and distribution to and from the project parties.

Managing contract is an essential role for the project management with drafting contract and applying it’s articles during the day to day work to achieve the project’s goals.

Lean Construction.

The problems of the construction industry seem to be chronic and well known which are: inferior working conditions, low productivity, poor quality, and insufficient safety. For a long time, industrialization ( such as modularization, prefabrication, … etc.) was known as one of the directions to solve these problems. That was not the only solution but it was one of the several trials to overcome the consequences of these problems. Manufacturing was a reference point for construction in generating new ideas and innovations. Industrialization, automation, and computer integration these approaches imported from manufacturing to the construction industry to develop and enhance the performance of the projects. Lean construction as a new philosophy based also on the principles of lean manufacturing but will have a greater influence in construction than automation and other innovations.
IPMC Implementation of construction projects by applying the principles of lean production which named lean construction focuses on:

  • The client’s values are targets
  • Process design has the same importance like the product design
  • Work collaboratively and concurrently
  • Flow of work is considerable not only doing the tasks
  • Minimizing the wastes in time, cost and effort.

Technical Supervision.

IPMC provides a reliable technical supervision system to ensure that the deliverables of the project are in line with client’s expectations and local authority’s regulations, we do:

  • Regular inspections of the construction and materials delivered to site to ensure that the deliverables comply with the relevant specifications, quality standards, and the tender documents.
  • Review and approve the contractor’s procedures manuals including their attached method statements maintaining a permanent monitoring for the Contractor’s adherence thereto.
  • Respond to technical queries and clarifications which may be raised by the contractors.
  • Establish suitable procedures for identification, notification, and rectification of defects.
  • Check and approve the Contractor’s as-built drawings and manuals.
  • Monitoring all the running activities on site and giving any necessary site corrections or guidance.
  • Review and approve the shop drawings and material submitted by the contractor.
  • Review and approve the variation requests and claims submitted by the contractor.

Design Review.

IPMC offers design review to determine if the design comply with the agreed quality standards and codes of the project or not and if it successfully correspond to drawings, specifications and BOQs’   

The head office has a specialized team of engineers in different categories to review, criticize, and correct the design mistakes prior starting the tendering stage, also they are skilled in Value Engineering.


Management Support.

The increasing acceptance of project management indicates that application of an appropriate knowledge, processes, skills, tools and techniques can have a significant impact on any project success.

IPMC established its division for providing management support for the contractors who mostly possess the manpower, equipment, financial support and the know-how for project execution but always need the management guidelines to close the project in time and cost limitations.

IPMC methodology for giving support basically depended on providing the contractor with the managing tools to help them to keep the project running as planned and control the project constraints – time, cost, scope, and quality – in the best way which achieve the contractor’s targets from the project and to enhance his reputation in the market.

Real State.

Currently, IPMC is starting its real estate business in Egypt with a commitment to understanding the real needs of our clients, stay focused on these needs and provide them with a premium lifestyle living solutions.

As a land developer, we rely on our experience to identify, locate and select sites with proven return on investment, this experience to the development and completion of projects, Delivering properties at their ready to live on state, maintain attractive prices and worthy yields for clients upon resale.

As a real estate developer, our core of activities extends to, constructions, projects management and control of all real estate activities. These activities are performed by creating synergy within the different divisions of the firm resulting in maximizing the capabilities and potentialities of resources and obtain the best deliverables.


Litigation Support.

As a fruit of the professional management of contracts and documentation, IPMC has its experts in claim preparation and litigation support. This type of service needs that team of experts who has a deep experience in construction, knowledge of laws and contracts, accurate study for the documents, clever in highlighting the points of claims, the know-how of drafting the claim and gathering the supporting documents to produce a comprehensive file.