Project Description

Emaar Middle East (EME), a subsidiary of Emaar Properties, has rolled out the multi-billion dollar Al Khobar Lakes development with the launch of the first lakefront gated residential community, set amidst 80,000 square meters of serene water-bodies Spanning more than 4.3 million square meters, the new project will be developed in phases. Al Khobar Lakes features villas in a variety of elegant Arabic and Andalusian architectural styles.

IPMC Role: IPMC provides in that project Supervision Services package for more than 4 contracts:
Infrastructure for Village -1, Design review & Technical supervision.
Landscape for Village -1, Technical supervision.
Construction of Village -1, Technical supervision of the dwelling units.
Construction of Village -2, Technical supervision of the dwelling units.
IPMC is responsible for verifying daily activities in the site, Inspections, approvals, technical meetings, and technical troubleshooting, Technical support for the project management.

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